In a society where we reach for the plastic to pay for the $2 cup of coffee, it’s safe to say there isn’t much cash for the church offering plate. Has your organization or church joined thousands of others and offered your attendees an easier way to partner with your ministry?

Check out the options below, and give your supporters the easiest option for donating.

5 Alternative Payment Methods for Your Donors

Apple Pay

Apply Pay provides church organizations a secure way to accept donations from within their app and website. Similar to using ApplyPay to buy goods and services, users can easily donate.  

Amazon Pay 

Churches and other charitable organizations that register with Amazon Pay have the option to allow donations by voice using Alexa devices and directly on your website using a “Donate with Amazon” button. 


If your church, and donors, use a bank that connects with Zelle, the donation process can be completed using the mobile Zelle app simply by sending to a phone number or email address associated with the church’s account.   

Cash App

Among the simplest forms of receiving and sending cash is Cash App. Available on both the iOS app and Google Play store, the cash App allows for simple transactions using Cash App names and connecting to any bank account. 

Download the ebook we created for you with these 5 Alternative Payment Methods for Your Donors. 

Google Wallet

Google Wallet allows for churches to quickly and easily accept donations on your website (mobile friendly, we hope!). Churches can sign up for a  merchant account and identify as a non-profit. Once completed, a button is provided and can be added to your site. 

Your attendees want to partner with you in ministry. Make it easy for them. As cell phones remain a constant companion, adopt one of these options for mobile app payments and expand your ministry’s reach. 

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